Super Storage!

We can provide shipping containers to be used as storage on your building site, farm or garden.

Why would you need storage for a building site? You could remove your tools and materials every night, but this feels like a waste of time and effort. If everything is just left out you’re at risk of theft, and some items will need to be protected from the weather. Working on site you also need to be aware of health and safety. If everything is stored in a dedicated storage area it’s easier to keep your work space tidy and safe. Also items that are dangerous are easier to keep in a safe environment.

on-site storage solutions

Farm workers could use a storage unit to keep tools and machinery safe, or keep animal feeds away from vermin and out of the rain. There are so many uses for a secure lockable room, which can be hired for a month or two, or purchased to be a permanent solution.

Storage containers are the perfect on-site storage solution. They can be placed almost anywhere (all you need is a flat space) and with locking bars and a locking bolt they are very secure. They’re made of maritime grade steel, which means they’re dry in all weathers.

We Can Help

If you need temporary storage get in touch. We can let you know what sizes we have available and when they can be delivered on site. Obviously they are large items to deliver, so they always come on a crane assisted vehicle. Our drivers are experienced and will be able to safely install the storage on site.