Toilets for Events

No-one loves a portable loo do they? I’m not sure this is fair. When you’re planning your summer of fun just consider how many of the best events wouldn’t be able to go ahead without them. Obviously if you’re planning any event, from a family party to something as big as Glastonbury you need to consider the facilities. The Health and Safety Executive states that a workplace should have a toilet for every 6 people. A festival or show may not be a workplace for most of the people there, but of course it will be for some of them. It’s also a sensible guide to follow, as if it’s OK in the workplace it’s a safe level for everywhere else. This level can be altered if it’s an all-male workplace, as urinals may also be used.

Summer Fun

I love to go to music festivals, car shows, and vintage sales in the summer. We all love meeting with friends and family and having a good time. We’ll often plan what to wear and the picnic to take with us, but no-one ever spares a thought for the other facilities. We just assume these will be available to make the day comfortable and enjoyable. Although I have to say (sadly from experience) that if you’re at a vintage festival wearing a 50’s style dress with many layers of net petticoats using a portaloo isn’t easy! It would be a very sad day if these fun summer events couldn’t go ahead because the required loos weren’t available.

Loos for events
toilets for events

Hire the Best

Not all portaloos are made equal. If you’re planning an event you want to offer the best facilities to your guests. You should take a look at all of the options available. If your budget stretches to luxury toilet trailers you can offer toilets that most people would be surprised to find out were portable. These are porcelain sanitary wear in cubicles that look like they are a permanent fixture.

Sadly we know not everyone has an unlimited budget, so most people opt for the familiar plastic toilets. These can have wash basins, or for a water saving design, hand sanitiser. When these units are well maintained they will be clean and comfortable to use. Before they arrive at the festival they should be properly cleaned, and everything should work properly. Every toilet that we install is thoroughly checked before it’s delivered. If the event is over several days you will need them to be emptied and cleaned during the event. We can come and service your units for you to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience. If you hire from a company that cares the hire toilets won’t be something that people try to avoid!

Toilets for Events

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